A kit that lets you archive your hand microbiome for food fermentation process in the future.

Category: Speculative design Made In: 2019
Collaborated with Chenshan Gao & Winnie Yoe

Concept R&D, design, fabrication

Tools: Arduino, Laser Cutter, Illustrator

Exhibition: Bio-Design Challenge 2019 - NYU Representative Team

Project site

Handmade is an archival system created to explore the socio-cultural implications of hand microbiome, and to design an interaction to make our implicit relationship with microbiome visible.

It is a system that can help you collect hand microbiome for making fermented food. The system is presented in the form of a physical and instructional kit. We hope to break away from the pathological perspective of hand microbiome, and reevaluate our close relationship with microbiome. Through this project, we hope to encourage a multi-species model in viewing our relationship with our environment.

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