Mirror of Breath

An interactive installation that “breathes” along with you.

Made in 2018 winter
ITP Winter Show 2018

Arduino Nano,Programmable Air

Special Thanks: Amitabh Shrivastava

For human, breathing indicates being. It is a physiological activity that is so vital yet mundane that we tend to ignore.

Breath Mirror is a mediation object that “breathes” along with the user. It is an attempt to bring viewer’s attention to their physical body and vitality, and feel a sense of being.

It is comprised of a belt embedded with a stretch sensor that monitors users’ chest movement and a balloon that is pumped into or sucked out of air programmatically using Programmable Air. When user breathes in, the balloon inhales. When the user breathes out, the ballon also does the same.

Unlike the meditating applications that give instructions on how to breathe and ask users to follow, it encourages them to take a close look at their breathing pattern and make changes by themselves.

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