The Wind Catcher

A sound performance using wind as instrument.

Performaned at:
Currents New Media 2021 Festival

ReFest 2020, @CultureHub NYC

ITP NIME 2019, @Paper Box, Brooklyn

Made in: 2019 winter

Ableton, Nano BLE 33, Lavalier microphones, electric fans, bottles and tubes

Sound Mixing: Chenyu Sun

Special Thanks To:
Merche Blasco, Luisa Pereira, Mimi Yin, Huiyi Chen, Chelsea Chen, Yang Yang, ITP NIME Residents

The Wind Catcher is an sound performance that interprets the absurdity of human’s efforts to find meanings in seemingly insignificant matters through defining goals, setting rules and executing tasks. It asks that what really matters to us if everything we do is just a chasing after the wind.

The performance uses the invisible wind as the major source of sound and found objects as instruments. The Wind Catcher travels to different places to explore different kinds of wind as their job. With a set of self-made tools, the character intervenes with, records and composes the sound of wind on the site as a regular routine. At the end of the routine, the character looks on what thier hands had labored to achieve, they wonders — what it is that I get?

While using wind as a metaphor, it explores the acoustic affordance of air movement through the intervention of found objects and audio feedbacks.

“I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” — Ecclesiastes 1:14

Performance @CultureHub Refest 2020

Performance @Paper Box, 2019

Photo Credit: Tong Wu

Instrument & Stage Design

Sound Investigation

Hardware: Wearble midi controller

@2023 wenjing liu